IC Contact Post
text tiem
You have begun pestering gardenGnostic [GG]

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we screwed up big time

have you ever had the feeling that maybe you did something wrong
when you were trying to do something good????


i need to talk to you it is important!!!

>Jade: Be unable to communicate properly.
i am cant speaking right D:
what is happen?????
one any can understand it???

(Engrish virus!)

Permissions Post
didn't i block you five times
So, like any good HS player, I realize that there are a few complications to this canon that will require me to put up a permissions post. They are categorized and listed below:

1) Homestuck features characters who type in special fonts and colours with specialized personal styles. Jade, as a human, does not go to the extent that the trolls do with their typing quirks, but she never uses capitals or periods, overuses exclamation points and question marks, and occasionally uses emoticons. so basically she types like this!!!! :D
2) Homestuck is a very popular and very long story, and it's only getting longer. If you're currently behind or looking to get into it, our cast may spoil you accidentally if we're not careful. Even knowing the name and appearance of any character aside from John is technically a spoiler! (So, uh, sorry. ^^;)
3) Homestuck may be about a bunch of thirteen-year-olds, but it does involve offensive and potentially triggering subjects, including murder (often of said thirteen-year-old kids and their families), war, separation from family, the end of the world, the inability to change or combat fate (and trust me, this ain't a Screw Destiny comic, sad as it is to say), lots and lots of cursing, sex jokes, and discussion of weird horse porn.
4) As the current LJRP fandom-of-the-week, Homestuck is currently suffering a huge amount of hype backlash. Some people don't want our cast to tag them at all, and that's fine!

Please comment here with your characters if you want me to:
a) type like a normal person while tagging your characters with Jade. In-universe, she will still be typing in green Courier and using the grammatical quirks noted above; it'll just be assumed rather than shown. This is just for out-of-character mun convenience.
b) avoid spoiling you while tagging your characters with Jade.
c) not tag your characters with Jade at all.


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